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Vaping 101: Voltage Drop

Voltage drop is one of those controversial topics highly debated by vapers all across the globe. While it doesn't affect regulated mods nearly as much since those devices can simply increase the voltage to compensate for any internal resistance, voltage drop is the notorious enemy of mech mods everywhere, and for good reason! These devices function purely [...]

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The FDA Flavor Fight

List of Resources Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos Patterns and Effects of the Use of Flavored E-Cigarettes on Cigarette Smoking Among Adults in the United States: An Internet Survey VTA FDA Announces ANPRM on Flavors CASAA How important are flavors to you? FDA wants to know. | CASAA TVECA The FDA is going after menthol cigarettes—and maybe even fruity e-cig flavors | | AVA News - American [...]

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Vaping 101: Custom Vape Firmware

How to Hack Your Vape MOD Manufacturers put a lot of hard work and effort into creating the technologically advanced devices we love to use; they're often the pride and joy of their respective R&D departments. And vape tech moves at such a blistering speed, it's in the best interest of everyone [...]

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Vaping 101: Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods: the vaping platform of choice for vape purists around the globe. Their simplistic design is their most redeeming feature as well as their downfall. Nevertheless, mech mods have a dedicated fan base like no other. Despite a lack of screens, voltmeters, or other regulating features, mechanical vapers feel much more [...]

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Best Mech Mods for 2018

What're the Coolest Mech Mods of 2017? Ever since their invention, mechanical mods have been regarded as the ideal vaping platform for veteran vapers. Nearly a decade later, the best mech mods still hold the respect of vapers around the world. The intimate hands-on mechanical experience still has yet to be matched by mere [...]

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Vaping 101: Squonk Mods

A Squonkin' Brief History Lesson Squonk mods—also called bottom-feeder mods—aren't named as such because of their less-than-reputable ways or acclimation for murky depths. Quite the opposite: these devices garner their namesake from their ability to use a specialized channel in the 510 positive pin of both the mod and the RDA to send juice stored below [...]

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Purge Mods Giveaway! Enter For A Chance To Win A Back To Basic Mech Mod!

We're back with another giveaway for the vape community and this is one of the biggest ones we've held in awhile. This giveaway is sponsored by the makers of Purge Juice...none other than Purge Competition Mods! Join in on the fun and enter for a chance to win one of three prizes! Purge Mods Giveaway Presented [...]

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