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Enchanted Elixirz E-Liquid | E-Juice


Enchanted Elixirs (Puddlz) E-Liquid

Enchanted Elixirz is a locally based premium e-liquid manufacturer providing vapers with incredibly formulated flavor creations at a fraction of the cost of other (far less tasty) juice brands.

Located in Palatka, Florida, this family-oriented small business produces many expertly curated juice lines. Puddlz is by far the most popular, containing such fan-favorites as Preserves, a PB&J recreation; and Wendigo, the greatest key lime pie vape known to man. Enchanted Elixirs also produces Magpie, a thoroughly enchanting ooey gooey butter cake.

Enchanted Elixirz follows a strong mission statement, striving to bring a product of consistently high quality to everyone looking to kick the terrible habit of smoking analog cigarettes as well as those already apart of the vaping community!

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