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Top 10 Spot-On Flavors

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With over 8000 flavors in existence, e-juice mixologists have attempted to recreate seemingly every food, drink, and candy under the Sun. But with so many attempts, which ones are are actually accurate? There’s nothing more disappointing than finding an e-liquid named after one of your favorite foods and it ends up tasting nothing like the inspiration. On the other hand, there’s nothing more pleasant than a juice profile that makes you stop for a moment to enjoy the memories. We’ve compiled this list of juices that brought a smile to our faces and left us craving the real thing -- even though taste is subjective, we know you’ll love these juices.

Cuttwood E-Liquid - Unicorn Milk

Cuttwood E-Liquid - Unicorn Milk | Nesquik™ Strawberry Milk

Unicorn Milk was one of the very first premium flavors I tried three years ago (right behind G2’s CaRnY4) when I made the switch to vaping, and I’ll tell you now what I said as soon as I tried it: “…this tastes just like strawberry milk.” This isn’t just some random strawberry flavor and slightly creamy texture—it tastes like strawberry milk powder straight from the rabbit-endorsed tub and mixed into a tall glass of whole milk. Cuttwood must have either gotten their hands on the same exact flavorings or just spent a lot of time on R&D; either way, in the three years since, I’ve never come across a juice with the same instantaneous recognition I get from Unicorn Milk, and it’s a flavor I come back to again and again.

Fryd E-Liquid - Watermelon

Fryd E-Liquid - Watermelon | Fried Watermelon Candy

I have an admitted soft spot for watermelon, and although it isn’t quite as popular or prevalent a flavor as something like strawberry, I’ve tried a good number of watermelon flavors. They all seem about the same with minor distinguishing undertones that can be attributed to differences in manufacturing and little else – there’s really not much you can do with it. FRYD’s Watermelon, however, takes that same profile and completely turns it on its head. The watermelon flavor they use is satisfyingly intense and has an accenting fruity undertone, I think it’s a watermelon glaze, that adds a delightfully nuanced “candied” note. But FRYD doesn’t stop there: by adding their signature “deep-fried” base, they add a whole new faceted side of airy, savory goodness to the profile that can only be described as “fried watermelon candy”.

Smax (Blax) E-Liquid - Memories of Mexico

Smax (Blax) E-Liquid - Memories of Mexico | Churros

I’ve never been to Mexico, but I’ve been to Costco, and this juice had me craving their $1 churros like crazy. The pastry base is unassuming, yet incredibly present, with rich cinnamon dancing all around and a steady note of sweetness to center the juice profile, making sure it pushes the possibilities of deliciousness without getting too far off base.

Chubby Bubble Vapes E-Liquid - Bubble Melon

Chubby Bubble Vapes E-Liquid - Bubble Melon | Watermelon Gum

“You silly man, how can you make a e-liquid that tastes like gum?”, you may ask. Well…I dunno. All I can say is, Chubby Bubble did it, and did it so, so well. From the same exact watermelon flavor found in real packs of gum to the incredible texture and undertones of their gum base, as soon as you give it a taste, you'll know exactly what it was meant to be. Trust me, you’ll be surprised you’re blowing vapor and not bubbles.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I LOVE Taffy

Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I LOVE Taffy | Peach Gummy Rings

As soon as you crack open a bottle of this cleverly packaged juice and catch a whiff of this profile, you’ll quickly get a solid clue to the source of inspiration for this e-juice flavor. The rich and thick peach nectar, sweet and sticky scent of candy, and just a touch of creaminess blend together perfectly to create a flavor palette readily identifiable as peach gummy rings.

Crunch Time E-Liquid - Original

Crunch Time E-Liquid - Original | Cap’n Crunch™ Treat

We’ve all had the all-too-common cereal profile that was apparently formulated under the belief that lemon Pledge® is a primary ingredient in cereal. Of course, we know better, and so do the folks behind Crunch Time. Breaking away from the rest of the pack, Original Crunch Time is grainy where others are lemony, savory as opposed to heavy, and earthy without being dirty. It captures the same airy and savory tones of real straight-from-the-box cereal and smooths it out with a touch of sweet and sticky marshmallows for a taste better than any homemade treat.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I LOVE Popcorn

Mad Hatter E-Liquid - I LOVE Popcorn | Buttered Popcorn

Admit it, when you heard about this, your first thought was, “…ew.” I can’t blame you, I thought the exact same thing. Thankfully, a coworker offered to let me try some. I figured since it was from Mad Hatter(a fantastic juice maker in their own right), I might as well give it a try. Holy cow, did this juice blow me away. The butter side of this flavor profile isn’t overly heavy or greasy, but instead perfectly airy with nuanced flavors dancing in and out that give a sense of saltiness without being overtly salty. The popcorn side is equally fluffy, yet grainy and savory, complementing the “umami” tones of the butter. Even the secondhand scent alone is enough to have people asking who's making popcorn. So next time you pop on Netflix, forgo the microwaving and stick with this yummy alternative.

Donuts E-Liquid - Strawberry Donut

Donuts E-Liquid - Strawberry Donut | Strawberry Jam-filled & Strawberry Glaze-drizzled Donut

This isn’t just your average everyday drive-thru donut…this is an advanced drive-thru donut! Take the usual donut base, soup it up until it’s rich, incredibly aromatic, and intense, and then start adding the strawberries—sliced, jellies, jams, glazed, just pour them on until your little heart just can’t take anymore—and finally, send it for a lap around an Olympic-sized pool of whole milk. Don’t let your coworkers or fellow church patrons catch a whiff of this delicious juice, or they’ll start asking you to bring some for them every morning!

King's Crest E-Liquid - Don Juan

King's Crest E-Liquid - Don Juan | Pecan Pie

Who doesn’t love a classic pecan pie? Actually, a lot of people, apparently. I’m not one of those people, however. One of my favorite parts of the fall season is the influx of sweet, sticky, caramelized pecan pies that are next to impossible to find at any other time of the year. Thankfully, for the spring and summer months, we have Don Juan from King’s Crest. This flavor captures the signature nutty notes of real pecans and the savory undertones of the graham crust, all while retaining the buttery smooth sweetness that we…well, most of us…all love and enjoy.

Taffy Man E-Liquid - Gr8 Ape

Taffy Man E-Liquid - Gr8 Ape | Grape Saltwater Taffy

There’s a reason Taffy Man won “Best in Class” for this eerily accurate flavor. Additionally, the entire staff behind Taffy Man itself has to be applauded for their signature taffy base. Imagine you’ve just exited your local beach-side candy shop with a bag full of saltwater taffy in tow. You reach into the bag, unwrap one of the tiny morsels, and pop it into your mouth, chewing furiously. The smooth, creamy textures of the taffy bolster the fruity essences, surrounding them in a tight squeeze and leaving your taste buds gasping for more. Taffy Man leaves your mouth in the same state of craving, missing the smooth texture of what can only be called an incredibly accurate “mouth-feel”.

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid - Derailed

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid - Derailed | Banana Nut Bread

Proclaimed as a snickerdoodle wrapped in a banana crust, Derailed does more than recreate a mere cookie: the rich and upfront banana mingles perfectly with the warm and nutty bread base accented with a dash of cinnamon that cuts right through instead of getting lost in the fray, creating an exceptionally spot-on recreation of banana nut bread.

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