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​The Top 8 Juices You’ll Autumn-atically Fall For!

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As we recently watched the first day of autumn come and go with no more grandeur than years before, we wanted to mark the occasion with some of our favorite e-liquids for this time of year. As fall is best known for the sudden burst of freshly picked fruits, ripe harvests, and baked goods, only the most deliciously fruity, spiced, and earthy flavors made their way onto this list. Read on and discover the perfect companions for your upcoming harvest season.

Marina Vape E-Liquid | Marshmallow Man 2

Bring on the campfires with Marina Vape’s knockout follow-up to their popular flavor, Marshmallow Man. This sequel retains all of the same sweet, creamy, fluffiness of the original, but adds a rich toasted caramel tone to the mix, recreating the delicious experience of sitting around the campfire with marshmallows on sticks and conversation flowing freely.

We Out Here Doe | Carnival

As fall approaches, the cool afternoons and perfectly mild nights create the ideal conditions for harvest festivals, carnivals, and fairs to invite flocks of people to enjoy the fun and games we all know and love. This season, get ahead of the crowd with Carnival by We Out Here Doe. Combining the greatest joys of carnivals – robust vanilla ice cream and decadently sweet blue raspberry cotton candy – We Out Here Doe has created a full-flavored treat that instantly invokes childhood memories of flashing lights, loud bells, and fun times.

One Hit Wonder | Muffin Man

Finally, apple season is here! Prepare your taste buds for the sudden influx of juices, ciders, pies, and platters with One Hit Wonder’s incredibly popular flavor that is exceedingly ideal for this fall. Warm apple muffins pulled fresh from the oven and liberally accented with a dash of cinnamon wrap the senses in a warm hug, keeping out the incoming cold fronts, keeping up any downed spirits, and keeping in the upcoming good times.

Jam E-Liquid | Raspberry

One of the greatest joys of fall is the increasing prevalence of jars of jams and jellies made from fruits and berries so freshly picked, you can taste the cool air and calm ambience of the woods they came from. Enjoy that same atmosphere straight from your vape with Raspberry Jam e-liquid. Just as you won’t find anything but deliciously mouthwatering raspberries in your jar of jam, there’s no complementary tones necessary in this e-liquid to accent the rich, full-bodied, and aromatic raspberry flavor palate.

Marina Vape E-Liquid | Boyd’s Bounty

Let your mind wander and come to rest on memories of the fall season: evenings spent sitting around a dancing flame as you pass around a plate of cookies freshly pulled from over the fire (but not before grabbing a handful for yourself). As friends and family exchange dialogue and topics dancing freely amongst minds, you absentmindedly take a bite of the baked good in your hand and your senses explode in a burst of savory flavor: the earthy tones of ground oatmeal perfectly complements the fruity sweetness of the raisins amalgamated with the freshly baked, aromatic, and borderline creamy cookie dough. The smoke from the fire, however, adds an entirely unforeseen aspect to the flavor palette, lending a smoky, savory, and tobacco-like finishing tail that wraps the entire experience in a neat bow, leaving you excited and eagerly awaiting the wild adventure that is the next bite.

Five Pawns Limited Edition E-Liquid | Symmetry Six

Along with reddened leaves, shortened afternoons, and darkened nights, the freshly baked goods and treats enjoyed throughout the autumn season are practically synonymous with pleasant conversation and overwhelmingly positive memories. Bring those agreeable recollections everywhere you go with Five Pawn’s Symmetry Six, a masterfully mixed concoction of fresh strawberries and sugared rhubarb, supported by the rich and savory tones of oat grains and a crumbled graham crust, which is all topped with a generous serving of vanilla cream, creating an incredibly full-bodied and complex flavor palette that is as nuanced as it is delicious.

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid | Derailed

This fall, you’ll be wrapping yourself in more and more layers; do the same to your taste buds this season with Suicide Bunny’s Derailed. This pleasantly aromatic flavor utilizes the freshly baked goodness of cinnamon-infused snickerdoodles with the sweet and delectable tones of bananas accented with just a hint of nuttiness for an incredibly accurate banana nut bread recreation.

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid | Dragon Scape

The classic foods of autumn, such as apple cider, pumpkin pie, and cranberry cookies, utilize a perfect balance between the light, fruity flavors of summer and the rich, creamy, and nearly heavy-handed notes of wintertime. Perfectly encapsulating a similar stability between heavy and light, Dragon Scape combines the richness of creamy custard infused with Belgian café and Madagascar vanilla with the light and refreshing palate of exotic Asian teas and Indian spices.

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