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​2016 Winter Holiday Gift Guide

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As the air grows colder, the Sun grows more shy, and the leaves are set ablaze, we start preparing for the upcoming winter festivities – whether you subscribe to the Christmas holidays, follow Hanukkah tradition, believe in a good Kwanzaa celebration, or just enjoy the warm fuzzies of the gift-giving season in general, it's growing closer and closer to that deadline, and the fact that you're reading this means you still don't know what to get the vapers in your life! No worries, this list outlines the very best and most reliable devices, juices, and accessories from this past year, so you'll have no problem choosing the perfect gift for your favorite vapers.

Starter Kits

SMOK Alien Mod Kit

Putting a spin on the phrase "match made in heaven", this otherworldly combination of the Alien 220W TC Box Mod and the TFV8 Big Baby Sub-Ohm Tank, Smoktech's most size-efficient devices, may seem like they're more fitting in the hands of little green men, but the incredible performance provided by these devices will have you studying the stars and scanning the skies, making sure no incoming invasions are coming back for their property. Claim this all inclusive device for yourself or get it for that special someone this holiday season. 


Eleaf iCare Starter Kit & Eleaf iCare Mini w/ PCC Starter Kit

For vapers just beginning their descent into the never-ending vaping rabbit hole, there's no better parachute than Eleaf’s lineup of iCare devices. Designed to be an extremely easy first-step that requires little to no knowledge to begin using it, the iCare's are much simpler than your average vape. Available in a 650mAh version or a mini version that includes a 2300mAh portable charging case for extended on-the-go vaping, this palm-sized device needs minimal upkeep and maintenance to perform at peak levels. Simply fill the integrated tank (1.8mL in the iCare and 1.3mL in the iCare Mini) and take a draw to activate the atomizer (draw-activated means no pesky pocket-firing!) and instantly enjoy excellent flavor and satisfaction.


Hohm Slice (LE) 26650 Box MOD by Hohm Tech

If the incoming snowdrifts and inhospitable weather are shaping up to keep you trapped inside, your vaper will want to have the perfect vape that they’ve always enjoyed, no matter what kind of supplies they have on hand. Normally, TC users would need to have a constant supply of TC-friendly materials, such as titanium and nickel, in order to maintain the perfectly juice efficient and dry-hit-free vape they’ve come to love. However, this was before the release of the Hohm Slice from Hohm Tech, Inc. Where other mods can only utilize TC features with specific heating materials, this little 26650 box mod is compatible with ANY type of metal, allowing users to TC the un-TC-able and opens a whole new world of functionality to their collection.

Triade DNA250 by Lost Vape

For lovers of utilitarian luxury, there’s no better device than the Triade DNA250 from Lost Vape. Utilizing the new DNA250 chipset, this triple 18650 box mod feels like an RX200 that’s been dipped in pure decadence. The genuine premium leather inlays on the magnetic battery bay door – available in a variety of materials – deliver a heaping dose of style and luxury to this incredibly fully featured device.

Limitless LUX Box MOD by LMC & iJoy 

Straight from the geniuses at LMC and iJoy comes a fantastic box mod designed to be the everyday powerhouse for vapers of all experience levels. This rugged device sports a 215W ceiling and fully-fledged temperature control module as well as exceptional battery life thanks to the two 4200mAh 26650 batteries included with the Limitless LUX – these batteries are outstanding in their own right, sitting at the top of their class in terms of CDR and battery life. The external sleeve of the LUX can also be interchanged with many different finishes that customize the device until it perfectly matches your vaper’s style.

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 Box MOD

If your favorite vaper is a lover of all things unique and rare, they’ll love the SnowWolf 218 as soon as this one-of-a-kind device catches their eye. The SW218 is constructed using a gorgeous stabilized wood faceplate that adds a generous dose of style to the mod and a degree of rarity to their collection as no 2 are alike -- the rest of the device is tastefully accented with a gold metallic exterior that takes this device from ordinary to extraordinary.

Eleaf iStick Power 80W TC Box MOD

For the novice vaper you know and love, the mid-wattage capabilities and extremely compact size of the iStick Power makes this device the perfect addition to their on-the-go device. The iStick Power also has a Bypass mode that simulates mech-like vaping, as well as an innovative feature dubbed ‘Smart Mode’ that allows users to effortlessly swap atomizers and tanks without having to worry about readjusting settings.

Legendary Subzero Competition Mechanical MOD

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned mechanical mod, and there's not many better than the Legendary Subzero. A true collector’s item that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, the Legendary Mech is constructed using solid C145 copper for unreal conductivity and performance. It uses Subzero’s signature “8-point Clutch Contact” switch that ensures exceptional consistency no matter how you press the button. In addition, the Legendary has a very fun tactile locking ring that spins 360°, but satisfyingly clicks into place. This will most likely be the last mech mod your favorite vaper will ever need – designed to outlast the rest, this device is extremely well-made and belongs in the collection of any competition-centered cloud-chaser.


Arctic V12 Sub-Ohm Tank

Trends in the vaping world seemingly arise in immediate full force at the drop of a device hat, but when something better comes, they dissipate as quickly as they emerge. Following that same trend, the Arctic V12 is Horizon Tech’s decimating response to the omnipresent popularity of the Smok TFV8. Sporting  an absolutely massive amount of airflow from three huge airflow slots, two atomizer coil heads with a staggering total of 12 coils in each (and 24-coil heads soon to come), as well as a two post RTA head, all included in the package, the Arctic V12 is set to overtake the TFV8 as the hottest tank of 2016.

Uwell D1 Sub-Ohm Tank

Everyone knows an on-the-go setup that leaks in your pocket is no good – if anything, it defeats the whole point – so make sure that you get your bustling vaper that perfect addition to their collection. The D1 is an excellent choice in that regard, boasting many safeguards against pesky leaking, such as a complex airflow system that slows outgoing juice without hindering incoming air as well as a condensation chamber that traps juice before it can leak out. The D1 is also a fantastic tank for flavor-fiends: the condensed chamber and narrow chimney help condense vapor until it’s perfectly dense and flavorful.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Atomizer

For those who value a compact size, but don’t want it to be a trade-off with performance, the Baby TFV8 is the perfect answer. A masterful blend of minute size and exceptional capabilities, the Baby TFV8 stands at a measly 53mm tall, but can handle high wattages (up to 130W) better than any tank in its size class. This tank truly brings entirely new capabilities to its class, sporting vapor production commensurate with even the airiest of drippers.

The Tug Tank by Flawless

Utilizing technological advancements in coil-less heating, the Tug Tank by Flawless uses a proprietary ceramic heating element that lasts for much longer than traditional coil heads, perfect for vapers who hate having to buy new coils for their tank every few weeks. All that needs replacing in his device is the organic cotton wicking, which can be purchased as a full ready-to-go pack at the same price as a single traditional atomizer head.


Rip Trippers Pharaoh Dripper Tank RDTA by Digiflavor

Youtube’s biggest vape celeb has teamed up with the geniuses at Digiflavor to create one of the hottest RDAs of 2016. A clever fusion between RDA and GTA, this dripper has a concealed 2mL juice well/chamber that can be closed off around the wicks of installed coils, reducing leaking and drastically extending the time spent vaping in-between drips. The Pharaoh utilizes two uniquely designed clamps that make installing any type of build extremely easy, and the clicking airflow control makes dialing in the perfect airflow as easy as can be.

Triad RDA by Asmodus

For those vapers always on the look-out for the next great cloud-chuckin’ RDA, the Triad will help quell their quest for outstanding cloudage. The only dripper in its class designed to make the most of triple coil builds, this RDA has a three-pronged post with the positive terminals stacked on top of the negatives for extremely easy vertical coil builds. And with the generous airflow provided by the three airflow slots and the included wide bore drip tips, the Triad can handle any kind of build thrown in it.

Limitless 24 RDA

For cloud-chasers seeking a fantastic everyday workhorse dripper that is as competent a daily carry as it as a competition-winner. The bottom-feed airflow supporting builds installed in the Velocity-style posts helps keep juice in the dripper rather than…well, anywhere else! The Phillips screws in the posts are very resistant to stripping, thanks to the strengthening and color-changing heat-treatment these titanium screws received before leaving the factory (as well as the choice to use Phillips rather than Allen screws). Auxiliary airflow is also present, sourced from 12 pinholes in the top of the top cap that cool passing vapor until it’s absolutely perfect.


iJoy Combo RDTA

For vapers who flip-flop between different types of tanks and drippers, get them the last atomizer they’ll ever need: the Combo RDTA. This extremely versatile RDTA comes with multiple types of build decks, each with their own perks and benefits – included with the Combo are the Dual Clamp Post deck (IMC-2), the Velocity-style deck (IMC-3), and the sub-ohm atomizer head (IMC-Coil). Many other types of decks and coil heads are available as well as an RDA base for converting the RDTA into a dripper, making this an incredibly useful atomizer with a place in any vaper’s collection.

Ohmega Beast Tank RTA

While dubbed an RTA, this RDTA-like tank utilizes an open deck design, supported by side- and top-airflow similar to RDAs, which can be easily removed without any need to dump juice from the tank. The two-post deck has two huge postholes capable of fitting any kind of wire, two wicking port built in to help keep the deck neat and organized, and the flat head grub screws in the posts help avoid any needless screw-stripping. The tank can also be closed off to stop the flow of juice, allowing users to use the Beast Tank as a true RDA.

VCST RTA by Vaperz Cloud

Any cloudchaser knows the worst part about being out-and-about with their heads in the clouds is the non-portability of RDAs. Sure, they can be brought out of the house from time to time without much issue, but the constant dripping, pesky leaking, and unpocketable design can make extended travels a pain for some. That’s where the high-performance tank design of the VCST comes into play. Available in two sizes, 25mm and 36mm, the Vaperz Cloud “Simple Tank” is nothing short of a behemoth. Designed to bring the joys of huge cloud-chuckin’ builds to a portable RTA platform, the VCST utilizes a massive Velocity-style deck with four Kennedy-like bottom-feed airflow tubes that help resist pesky leaking – and of course, this airflow is fully adjustable for a draw that’s perfectly tight or airy. In addition, the VCST can filled from both the top and bottom: removing the wide bore drip tip reveals the top-fill slot and removing the deck reveals juice flow holes that can be used to refill the tank. This is a fantastic choice for on-the-go vapers who need the clouds, but can do without the fuss and muss of RDAs.


Cassadaga Liquids - Cannoli Be Nuts

For that nutty vaper you know, there’s no better flavor than Cannoli Be Nuts by Cassadaga Liquids. This expertly blended concoction takes Cassadaga’s signature vanilla and cream cannoli base, then infuses it with rich and aromatic pistachios that taste and smell as authentic as the real thing – maybe even more so!

ANML Unleashed E-Liquid – Grizzly

This season, give your vaper a gift so good, even Santa will get jealous – even the most grizzled of vapers will melt for this beastly recreation of rich chocolate chunk cookies pulled straight from the oven and dipped in a tall glass of thick, creamy whole milk.

Cosmic Fog – Chill'd Tobacco

While vapers tend to transition away from tobacco flavors as their experience grows, Cosmic Fog has given us a very good reason to give them a second chance. Beginning with incredibly mild leaf tobacco that isn't too overwhelming, instead giving the flavor a subtly roasted base layer, Cosmic Fog carefully mixes in creamy chocolate chunks for a rich texture, and chills out the whole mixture with a strategic layer of refreshing peppermint. This is one flavor that's perfect for a season filled with bonfires and peppermint hot cocoa.

Dark Market Vape Co. E-Liquid - Butr'd

While the invention of the classic ooey, gooey treat can only be attributed to happenstance, but Dark Market's recreation of the buttery dessert is no accident. One puff and it's immediately apparent just how much work went into this deliciously crafted St. Louis butter cake.

King's Crest E-Liquid - Don Juan Reserve

For lovers of all things dessert, it doesn't get any better than Don Juan Reserve from King's Crest. Starting with their renowned flavor Don Juan, a sweet graham-crusted pecan pie recreation, King's Crest takes the flavor to new heights by adding a generous dollop of cocoa for an incredibly rich and savory concoction.


GeekVape Simple Tool Kit

Leave those heavy duty household tools where they are, you'll want to know where they went when you have a real project. For your vaper, you’ll want something a little more lightweight and specialized than your average tools. If your vaper has been rooting through your garage looking for a screwdriver small enough for their vape, the Simple Tool Kit from GeekVape is most likely right up their alley. This kit comes with screwdrivers (Phillips and Flat), an Allen driver, tweezers, wire cutters, and even more – everything they’ll need to maintain the perfect vape for years to come.

The EZ Dripper

For that hardcore cloudchaser in your life who is always on the road and seems to constantly be complaining about “dripping and driving”, this product will not only help cease their infernal whining (kidding!), it will help to keep them safer on the road! Rather than force your vaper to fiddle and fuss with juicy bottles and slippery mods while trying to refill their dripper at every intersection, this device allows users to store juice in the plastic 15mL bottle and effortlessly drip into their RDA from the windshield-mounted setup. This bottle can be removed and taken with your vaper, so they’ll both prevent the juice from getting ruined in a hot car and have their juice ready to go wherever they are.

NiteCore SC2 Battery Charger

Lauded as the Ferrari of battery chargers, the NiteCore SC2 is an extremely versatile 2-bay charger capable of charging a single cell at up to 3A, or two cells at 2A, which can cut the charging time for high-drain low capacity cells down to less than an hour, leaving your vaper with more time to get back to what matters: vaping!


CCI Premium Prebuilt Coils

These coils from Cloud Chaser's Inc. are carefully and flawlessly constructed to the highest of standards. With many types of coils to choose from such as flavor-popping Volcano coils or cloud-chucking Juggernauts, these coils make creating the perfect vape a quick 5 minute job.

GeekVape Staggered Fused Clapton SS316 Coil Pack

These aren't your average prebuilt coils. These are...ultra-premium coils! Although there are only two coils in each pack, these coils use complex wire fusions and mixtures that look as nice in your RBA as they perform. Designed to feel like having master builder on hand, these very sizable coils perform like a dream – you haven't tasted true flavor until you've tasted it from these expertly constructed coils. These particular coils are made from 316 grade stainless steel, a fantastic heating material that's known for its super-quick ramp-up time, exceptional flavor, and incredible versatility thanks to compatibility with both VW and TC modes.

Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick 'N' Vape

Known as a top contender in the world of wicking, Cotton Bacon is regarded as one of the best types of wicking material available. Starting with 100% organic cotton, Wick N' Vape meticulously purifies it to provide an exceptionally pure and unadulterated taste from any build. The strands of Cotton Bacon specially chosen to be thicker and wick juice more quickly than standard cotton, meaning less downtime and more time doing what matters: vaping!

Goon / Kennedy Magnum Tip by Trinity Glass

Another fantastic add-on for the experienced vaper, these nifty little metal-and-glass drip tips from the glass masters at Trinity Glass fit any atomizer with a 12.5mm drip tip clearance – this includes the Goon RDA, Kennedy RDA, Limitless 24 RDA, and the entire line of TFV8 sub-ohm tanks, among many others. The Pyrex glass also helps to keep lips cool – both temperature- and style-wise.

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