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Numskullz E-Liquid | E-Juice


From the same brilliant master of mixology that gave us Taffy Man, comes the latest creative take on a classic candy we all know and love. Where Taffy Man replicated the flavor of salt water taffy down to a T, Numskullz adopts an innovative approach to both manufacturing and packaging their products, recreating the nostalgic experience of breaking open a box of those geeky candies, pouring the whole lot into your mouth and chewing like crazy. 

Numskullz takes a refreshing approach to how e-liquid is presented: by combining two of their delicious candy fruit flavors, each equally scrumptious and more than capable of standing on its own, into one box, they've not only created an ideal low-cost solution that allows for an overall price reduction for all of Numskullz' flavors (making Numskullz very affordable), they've also created ideal flavor match-up suggestions. Go ahead, try it out for yourself: each flavor on its own is great, but combining them creates a complex and full-bodied frooty tooty flavor profile unlike any other.



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