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N22 RDA Clone by Acerig

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$19.99 (You save $14.99)
SKU: 940063
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    N22 RDA Clone by Acerig

    For best results, we recommend to wash the entire Atomizer before use.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Acerig N22 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer ( RDA ) Clone are for EXPERTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners.  The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.


    N22 RDA Clone Features

    • Stainless Steel Body
    • Solid Negative Poles
    • 7mm Juice Well
    • Copper Positive AFC Pin
    • AFC Top Cap
    • 2.5mm Positive Pole Hole
    • 2mm Negative Pole Hole
    • 1.5mm X 8 Internal Airholes
    • Peek Insulator
    • Deep Machine Engraved
    • 22mm Diameter


    Box Contents

    • 1x N22 RDA Clone by Acerig
    • 1x Matching 510 Stainless Steel Drip Tip Mouthpiece
    • 1x Bag of Parts



    1. Wicks / Coils must be tested carefully with a multimeter before use.
    2. If Wick / Coil is not properly tested it will be a risk to the user to do so.
    3. Faulty Wicks / Coils WILL kill electronic devices.
    4. New Wick / Coil units must be tested and then used on a strong basic electrical APV / MOD that has short protection.
    5. No new Wick / Coil assembly should be used on an electronic device until it is known to be safe.
    6. These items destroy electronic devices if not properly built.  This is a known issue.

    Write your own product review

    1. A nice SOLID RDA  star rating

      Posted by Isaiah A. on 29th Oct 2016

      I don't have a ton of RDA's currently, and the price on this was good enough that I went ahead and got it with my order, just looking at the deck. For the clearance price of $5, this is a steal. What you can't see in the photos is that the top cap is rounded on the inside, severely limiting coil height.
      I still managed to BARELY fit a staggered fused clapton in it at an inner diameter of 2.5mm. That was only after fussing with the coil quite a bit, getting it as close as possible to the metal of the air intake, bending one of the leads to move the coil over to the center, and tightening up the coil as much as possible. I actually started tightening it up around the 2mm diameter marking on my coil jig, after fussing with it a while, but then while straightening it up, it still fit, TIGHTLY, over the 2.5mm marking. So not exactly ideal for any larger builds, but not horrible when it comes to standard sized atties with a center post.
      I really like the airflow in this. Fully open is still a somewhat restricted airflow, but it's enough for me to do direct lung inhale. Whoever designed this made a great choice going with the four drilled holes on either side for bottom airflow. I have a tank with a large wide open hole right under the coil for bottom airflow, and it builds up juice over time using it, leading to a constantly messy vaping experience, which I just can't stand. The four small diameter drill holes on this, in contrast, avoid catching much of the juice constantly spitting from the coils as it's fired, and give a nice, albeit somewhat restricted, bottom airflow.
      The holes in the posts are also fairly large, allowing for pretty beefy gauge coils, even if the overall coil diameter is restricted by the top cap. If you're not trying for too high of ohms on a fat coil, this isn't a super huge problem. I'd prefer if it allowed for a bit larger of coils, but it still provides a pretty good vape.
      A really nice little bonus on this thing is the drip tip. It's nice & solid standard 510. It's not super long, but not short either. But the real bonus is that the top is almost the exact same size as a 510 itself. It's just BARELY smaller than a standard 510 drip tip. It is large enough for ONE of my 510's to fit into. When I built a really hot build on one of my other RDA's, it ended up getting impossible to vape or even handle the RDA after a few puffs. Nice way to realize you're chain vaping. I tried a few different 510 drip tips, but I was afraid of melting any plastic ones, the metal ones were all becoming unusable after a bit, and my ceramic ones were too short. Then I tried something a little unorthodox, and tried sticking another 510 drip tip in the top of the 510 that came with this one. It didn't fit. Tried another. Didn't fit. Finally tried this small black ceramic one. Perfect fit. I was able to vape my overly hot build on my RDA, stacked on top of a 510 atty heat sink, and using a chimney for the drip tip. It wasn't exactly short, but it worked. I now use that configuration pretty regularly, until I can get one of those drip tip heat sinks, and a longer 510 drip tip that's more suited for something so intense.
      This RDA isn't super fancy looking. It has a very clean plain look. The rings on the top and bottom kind of make me think of a heat sink (matches pretty well with the cheapo atty heat sink on the base actually). The font used for the N22 looks really nice, kind of futuristic. It's very heavy and solid. I have no fear of dropping it. I might just use it for when I go out, because it probably won't suffer much from a drop. Even with the limitations on coil size, it's fully possible to get a pretty good build in it. If you're working with standard wire or just claptons, you might not have any huge issues at all. Over all I'd say this is a pretty good RDA. I like it. I would say it turned out to be fully worth the price, even before the sale. At the sale price, It is the perfect option for a beater RDA that you take out & about with you.

    This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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