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Kraken RBA Clone by HCigar

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$29.99 (You save $20.49)
Ships same day if order placed before 2:00 P.M. EST (except Sundays and Holidays)

    The HCigar Kraken (clone) is a 22mm genesis-style Rebuildable Tank Atomizer that has highly conductive silver-plated 510 contacts.

    It features a 2.5mL pyrex glass tank, stainless steel or brass sleeve with a built-in airflow controller and it has a triple-post design.

    Rebuildable Atomizers are for the vaping enthusiast and will allow you to build your own coil and wicking system.

    The HCigar Kraken features a genesis-style tank that can store up to 2.5mL of e-Juice.

    It uses a pyrex glass tank that will improve flavor production plus it can withstand any citrus, acidic or sour-type flavors which can degrade/damage plastic tanks.

    The HCigar Kraken's deck has a triple post design which will allow you to build single or dual coils and two wick holes which can be used to build a U-Wick.

    The metal sleeve has a laser-etched logo and insignia, two cut-out windows and it has a built-in airflow controller that will allow you to adjust your airflow with a simple twist.

    For best results, we recommend to wash the entire Atomizer (including the glass tank) before use.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The HCigar Kraken Rebuildable Atomizer ( RBA ) are for EXPERTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners.  The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

    HCigar Kraken RBA Features

    • High quality 1:1 clone
    • Genesis-style Rebuildable Atomizer
    • 2.5mL Pyrex glass tank
    • Stainless steel or Brass sleeve with adjustable airflow controller
    • Triple-post design
    • Extra wick hole for optional U-Wick configuration
    • 22mm Diameter


    1. Wicks / Coils must be tested carefully with a multimeter before use.
    2. If Wick / Coil is not properly tested it will be a risk to the user to do so.
    3. Faulty Wicks / Coils WILL kill electronic devices.
    4. New Wick / Coil units must be tested and then used on a strong basic electrical APV / MOD that has short protection.
    5. No new Wick / Coil assembly should be used on an electronic device until it is known to be safe.
    6. These items destroy electronic devices if not properly built.  This is a known issue.

    The HCigar Kraken comes with

    • 1x HCigar Kraken (clone) Rebuilable Atomizer
    • 1x Mini phillips-head screwdriver
    • 1x Sample Stainless Mesh
    • 1x Sample Silica Wick
    • 1x Sample Wire

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    1. negative screws too small  star rating

      Posted by Nick on 23rd Dec 2014

      This seems like it would be a decent top feeder with an easy dual coil build, but unfortunately mine was unusable due to the negative screw holes being too big for the included screws. Oddly the positive hole fit them perfectly, but if you can't tighten down the negative side of your coil that doesn't do a lot of good. I've heard of other people with similar problems of screws being too loose or tight, so it seems quality control is a big issue with this tank. Might go to a hardware store and try to find some machine screws that fit better, at which point I'll write an updated review but I can't really recommend this over other rbas due to the QC issue.

    2. Downright gorgeous  star rating

      Posted by Fable the Magician on 30th Oct 2014

      Where should I start? The nice, quality machining? That thick chunk of glass tube that makes Pyrex look weak? Or maybe the airflow control that puts most $150+ attys to shame (and without any drilling)? How about the simplicity of the final product?

      Or maybe just all of the above. This atty is top notch, and looks simply stunning on my TurtleShip V2. The two of them in brass, matched with the gold Glass Fusion driptip, come together to make a stunning combination that I call the SeaMonster. Definitely a recommendable purchase.

    3. Best Genny Tank I Have!  star rating

      Posted by Ausugi on 15th Oct 2014

      I've used a lot of genny tanks, and this is, hands down, the best I've built on. Super easy to build on and I love the airflow controller.

    4. kraken  star rating

      Posted by Ron O on 5th Sep 2014

      Just got My Krakin, It out does all my atomizers easy to rebuild, does not leak and is my best atomizer. Is the best will be getting another one for the wife.

    5. First genni.  star rating

      Posted by Air on 8th Jun 2014

      The machining on this is great - I didn't have any problems with screws sticking or burrs hanging on any part of it. I like that it has a plug for one side when running single coil. I tried the mesh build and did ok with it.. Didn't like how it leaked when laid on its side too long. I'm a grab and go kind of guy so I wicked with cotton and it's nothing short of amazing. It doesn't leak- the glass tank doesn't come off with the top cap - which btw when you open it up you can see how well it's machined. My only complaint is that it's really shiny and can be a fingerprint magnet. Wish they made it in brushed but when everything is polished up it def looks sick! If you're on the fence about getting one like I was I'll tell you to just get down from there and give this one a shot. Lots of space to build something fancy under there when i get better at it!

    6. Second RBA  star rating

      Posted by Dave on 4th Jun 2014

      Brass looks good, and I don't think the juice ever touches it. Nice thick glass for the tank. The tank actually sits a little tighter than I'm used to, and I haven't had any issues with it coming off with the sleeve. I also like that the wick holes are threaded for the allen screw/plug it comes with. Nifty little jeweler's screwdriver comes with it too, but it's too small for the screws; it does work great on my glasses.

      The negative screws do have some issues. It feels like there's some grit in the threads. If you back it up and start again, sometimes it goes past that point smoothly the next time around. Seems like you'd strip the threads if you just screw it on through. Might need a visit to a hardware store.

    7. I love my Kraken Clone  star rating

      Posted by kathi17 on 29th Apr 2014

      I have the brass version, and love it.

      It's well built and heavy, and the vapor and flavor are great!

      This is my first rebuildable, so I researched builds for it. The mesh thing intimidated me, but I found some builds using just Kanthal and cotton. It was really easy. My first build was a 30 guage Kanthal vertical coil that I wicked with cotton, and it worked.

      The tank on this is glass, so you can use any juice in it, and it looks beautiful on your device.

    8. I love this beast  star rating

      Posted by Sardonick on 14th Mar 2014

      Release the Kraken indeed! Robust. With the stainless wick I made this thing has massive throat hit, almost too much. Well built, even for a clone. Easy to adjust and use. Not for the lighthearted though, it's a great hobby atty. Flexible build options with stainless, rod, ceramic, eko, etc.
      No issues. It is a genny so it will leak if left to its own. That's typical of normal genesis attys though. I love this beast.

    9. 4/5 would buy buy again  star rating

      Posted by Osbert on 10th Feb 2014

      This clone has a few minor issues. The first step is to to completely disassemble and apply light machine oil to the moving parts before doing anything else. Unfortunately one of the post screws in one of the terminal posts was locked in so tight the supplied screwdriver stripped the screw.

      Several of the tapped holes for set screws in the deck also had remnant metal left in them from maching. A dental pick and a small file took care of these.

      There are 2 holes tapped for set screws, plus one untapped hole. Annoyingly, the atomizer only came with one set screw to plug the tapped holes. This means that by default, you either have to run dual coil and plug the two open holes with wicks, or run single coil with one hole left completely open. This causes leaks with juices that are 50/50 or thinner, but the 75% VG and above liquids are viscous enough to not to leak much.

      Overall 3/5 for quality, 4/5 for value if you take a little time to fix the minor issues before you start. For a $35 Chinese clone, the quality is exceptional. It makes a great intro to genesis RBAs for newbies that want to play around but don't want to drop the dosh on the real thing.

    10. HCigar does it again!  star rating

      Posted by John on 29th Jan 2014

      I have yet to be disappointed with any HCigar brand device I have purchased. Some companies put more time into machining and quality control than others. HCigar is one of those companies, regardless of where they are based. If you like high-end devices, and you are on a budget, you can't go wrong with HCigar.
      The KRAKEN can be made to fill a room with vapor, it's fun experimenting with different builds. I'm currently running a "non-cloud chaser/non-chain vapor" build at .9 ohms with cotton, and the flavor reproduction is amazing.

      Thanks again EVC!
      For those that do not know yet:
      I deal with a lot of vendors, and EVC has one of the best customer service ratings in my little black vape book.


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