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Kanger Mini Unitank Clearomizer

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SKU: 900251
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    The Kanger Mini Unitank offers the latest Kanger changeable bottom coil Clearomizer technology and it's well known performance in a top filling plastic tank.

    Clearomizers contain a heating element (coil and wick or Head) that serves to vaporize E-Liquid into vapor inside a clear tank system.

    The Mini Unitank features a new two-chamber design that allows you to fill / refill from the top instead of the bottom while still using the same Protank Bottom Single Coil Replacement Heads.

    When the top cap is removed, a spring pushes the head upwards and seals the top tank to prevent E-Liquid from flooding the bottom tank.

    This Clearomizer can hold about 2.5mL of E-Liquid inside it's tank (reservoir) and has been designed to allow you to change/remove the Head (coil and wick) from the bottom base.

    Bottom Coil Clearomizers are known to provide a cool to moderate throat hit with superb flavor and eliminates wicking problems.

    The top drip tip connection ring will allow you to use just about any 510 size drip tip.


    Kanger Mini Unitank Contents

    • 1x Kanger Mini Unitank BCC with one (1) 2.5 ohm head pre-installed
    • 2x Kanger Protank / Unitank / eVod Replacement Heads | 2.5 ohm
    • 1x Stainless Round Drip Tip
    • 1x Plastic Flat Drip Tip


    Product Specifications

    • Mouthpiece: 510 Drip Tips
    • Resistance Rating:  2.5 ohm (included heads)
    • Recommend Voltage: 3.3V - 4.5V (with included heads)
    • Tank Capacity: 2.5mL
    • Thread Type: eGo
    • Type: Changeable Bottom Coil
    • Wick: Short Wick

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    1. excellent  star rating

      Posted by lisa pennington on 21st Feb 2015

      It is excellent but it doesn't fit the battery to my kanger e-smart

    2. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by liblue1 (ECF) on 15th Jan 2015

      I am enjoying this mini tank. I am glad I got it since I have been using a Unitank for 6 months, I wanted the mini for going out with because of the light weight. Works as good (if not better) as the Unitank.

    3. Great Tank  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2014

      I have a lot of tanks from small to large this one works very good as I carry it in my pocket when at work. Hits good easy to fill. I would give it 5 stars but it is a small tank and I have others that I like better. No problems at all.

    4. Absolutely the best  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2014

      I am crazy go nuts about this tank/atty(whatever), it fits nicely on all my batteries/Mods. I have very little issues with leaking. It takes the same coils as a Kanger evod making them easily obtainable. If I could design it from scratch, I'd add a 510 connector and make it only two air holes instead of three.

    5. РАБОТАЕТ!  star rating

      Posted by VASSILIY KAPUSTIN on 21st Jan 2014

      In my opinion, the best "clearomizer" from all that I've tried. And I went through about a dozen. All forms and configurations. With 1.8 ohm resistance is not exactly flowing, few heats and squelching. Pro Tank2 Mini, eGo CC nicho identity, but this really is better!

    6. Decent  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2013

      I've used the original kanger, kanger2 the mini, and the mini2 (2 being the removable driptip feature). Due to my satisfaction with the mini2, I purchased this one.
      The idea of top-filling was intriguing, but it has one major flaw; the metal tube in the middle that's held into place by the driptip and wick isn't attached to anything. This metal tube keeps the liquid from dripping out. When the driptip is removed, the pressure on the metal tube is released, and all the juice comes out, and the same with the coil. If the coil is removed, the liquid comes out the drip tip, so you can only fill it or replac the wick when it's empty, reducing the star rating by one star.
      Another annoying feature is the spring which holds the metal tube in place. The tank is spring loaded to keep pressure on the tube, but the spring has to be removed from the wick to replace the wick. Also, where are gonna get replacement springs when yours gets stretched out? That reduces another star.
      The final star reduction was my own preference on the material of the tank- I purchase Pyrex Kangers for reliability. This one is made of plastic, and felt flimsy when attempting to screw top and bottoms back in after filling or replacing a wick. If you like plastic clearomizers that are held in place by metal, then disregard this comment-just keep in mind to be careful with tightening top or bottom back in.
      Overall, the remaining three stars are left for the greatness of Kanger products, and I hope they find a way to make this clearomizer better if they plan on keeping the idea. Props for attempting a top-filling tank.

    7. Unitank Mini, an unexpected suprise....  star rating

      Posted by Zac on 5th Dec 2013

      I Ordered a couple of these over black Friday/Cyber Monday and had them Tuesday...super fast shipping! When I opened up the little guy up I was surprised at the design. Unlike my Protank Minis with the black chrome base these are polished matching the top metal piece. The polycarb tank has only one set of tube stabilizers to hold the center tube straight instead of two like it's bigger brothers and uses the same size spring as the Unitank as well so if you're not careful you will launch the tube because it is under much more tension. The draw on this little guy I thought was slightly more airier than the bigger Unitank which I felt was backwards from the Protank where the mini had the less airy draw. Also...it also only has about a 1.5 ml capacity. The first time you fill it just fill the chamber and let the liquid work itself down into the lower chamber. Then the second time you fill make sure the liquid is right at the chamber split line so the bottom is full when you refill and only fill the top to slightly below the tube edge or it will try and leak into the tube while you're tightening the edge...I found the first time when I tried to overfill it the system leaked...doing it the way I described the second and third times allowed me to use its full capacity with no leaks. The black whistle tip seemed a bit random to me, but I like it much better than the standard metal tips Kanger puts with there tanks and it looks nice with the red and blue tanks...very complementary. All in all another fine Kanger tank...just be careful not to bend the spring or chip the bottem threads that are plasic....either of these fragile oops's will put the other wise solid tank out of work...I've already dropped it a few times and not even a scuff....Also, You'll need a needtle tip bottle or a syringe to fill so if you don't like or have these just stick to the big Unitank and you can't go wrong...I like the big one better for its draw...but as an E-Go topper this one wins hands down. It was made for e-go, preforms well, is much lighter and more durable. Another win for the Kanger team!

    DOA Warranty ONLY! See Warranty section for details.

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