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e-Liquid | e-Juice



E-Liquid | E-Juice is the equivalent to the Tobacco in an Analog Cigarette.

Our E-Liquid | E-Juice may contain Nicotine which is naturally extracted from high quality tobacco leaves.

Other ingredients that are found in our E-Liquid | E-Juice are high quality "Food Grade" PG (Propylene Glycol) and/or VG (Vegetable Glycerin), Natural Flavorings, and Natural Extracts.

Our Dekang E-Liquids are available in three blends.  80/20 PG/VG Blend (80% PG & 20% VG) E-Liquids provide an aggressive throat hit (like-smoke) that many former smokers and current E-Smokers seek.  80/20 PG/VG E-Liquids can also hold flavorings better (more pronounced) when compared to our other blends.

20/80 PG/VG Blend (20% PG & 80% VG) E-Liquids are thicker in consistency and can produce thicker vapor when compared to our other blends.  20/80 PG/VG E-Liquids have less / smoother throat hit and are a tad bit sweeter in taste when compared to 100% PG Based E-Liquid | E-Juice.

Our 50/50 PG/VG Blend (50% PG & 50% VG) is our best selling blend and of course the best of both worlds!

Joyetech E-Liquids are ONLY available in a 60/40 PG/VG Blend.

Flavorz by Joe, Space Jam and Cosmic Fog E-Liquids are ONLY available in a 50/50 PG/VG Blend.

WARNING: All products sold by EVC on this website are intended for adults ONLY!

By entering evcigarettes.com, you certify that you are at least the legal smoking age in your region.