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Candy King E-Liquid | E-Juice


Vapers, bow down and recognize the royal authority of Candy King E-Liquid, created by none other than the Sultan of Sweets, the Dean of Desserts, and the Chef of Confections: the Candy King! Always the nostalgic type, the Candy King has ordered his best mixologists to make him flavors that vape like his favorite candies, and after a little R&D, they returned to the kingdom with five gloriously delicious flavors of e-liquid ready to satisfy even the most royal of sweet teeth.

  • Belts - Gummy belts infused with rich, tart strawberries.
  • Batch - These sweet fruity treats with a boldly sour kick.
  • Swedish - Who even knows what flavor they are—all we know is they're the sweetest fish around!
  • Worms - Yummy rainbow-dyed worms flavored with every fruit under the Sun.
  • Strawberry Watermelon - Juicy watermelon and succulent strawberry mingle with a tasty bubble gum base.
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