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E-Cig | Building a Better Mechanical MOD E Cigarette for You

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Tips for Creating a Better MOD

mechanical MOD is and ecig with no electronic parts like an LCD screen for example.Mech MODs are unregulated, which allows users to tinker with battery power and atomizer resistance in order to produce a device that vapes just the way they want. However, the lack of regulation can cause serious problems with the final product, so it takes experienced vapers to make and use them properly. Here are some tips for building a quality MOD ideally suited to your preferences.

Choosing Your Atomizer

The atomizer is the component of the ecig MOD that generates vapor from the e liquid. Atomizer strength is typically referred to by its resistance, which is measured in Ohms. The higher the resistance, the slower the coils will heat up. The lower the resistance, the faster and hotter the coils heat up.

The atomizer you choose will be largely determined by the style of vaping you prefer. You may want to use a rebuildable tank styled atty in order to avoid having to redrip or rewet the coils after every few draws. With a tank you are subject to using the same e-juice until you rebuild or rewick your setup. Some prefer to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer(RDA) where you drip e-liquid directly onto the wick and then vape. You will need to redrip after every 3-5 draws, but you can typically get much greater vaper production from the RDA and you don’t have to wait as long to change flavors.

Picking a Battery to Match

It is important to choose a battery that works ideally with your atomizer. Otherwise you could run into serious problems; batteries that aren’t made to withstand a low resistance build can cause irreparable heat damage. Some even run the risk of burning themselves out or venting.

Be sure to consult with a professional or a customer service representative if you have any doubts or questions. Knockoff batteries can cause serious issues if they are not made to specifications. EVCigarettes stocks only real batteries from the manufacturers because we believe this is the most vital part when using mechanical mods.

Build Your MOD Now

Looking to go to the next level in vaping and truly customize your experience? EVCigarettes has a selection of quality mechanical MODs and MOD parts. We have everything you need to build the perfect Vape setup. Shop our selection today.

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