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Vaping 101: Atomizers

When you first open your starter kit or bundle of vaping hardware, all the different parts and components can seem overwhelming at first. Where does this go? What does this do? What is this even called, anyway? Don't worry, EVC is here to help! We've taken a look at two parts of your vaping setup [...]

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Lights, Camera, Call to Action! – Cole & Bishop Need YOU!

A new avenue for success has suddenly presented itself for vapers across the country, but we need YOUR help (yes, you!) before time runs out on this opportunity to reverse one of the largest roadblocks preventing the e-cigarette industry from blossoming as it would (and should)! This recently realized path to victory? The Cole-Bishop bipartisan bill [...]

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Git to da Choppa! – The Predator Is HERE

The Predator is here and dug in like an Alabama tick! If anything is true about Sinuous Designs, it's that they like to fire back and fire back hard. And when SMOK released their acclaimed Alien Kit, they knew they had to have a good comeback to such an obvious challenge. After an extended stay in [...]

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Vaping 101: Mods

When Dr. Hon Lik first drafted his initial design for the original e-cigarette, it’s hard to imagine he could have foreseen the rapid and unprecedented evolution this technology would take in as little as a single decade. From the humble beginnings of the cigalike smaller than a stick of gum to the large regulated box [...]

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The Ultimate Drip Tip Guide

If you’ve ever vaped, chances are you’ve used a drip tip. Whether it was from a sub-ohm tank, an RBA, an old clearomizer, or anything in between, a drip tip is the only thing you’ll want between you and your vape. "But what exactly does a drip tip do?" you may ask. Well, keep paying [...]

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FDA's Newest Head Honcho: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Now that Tom Price has been approved as the newest Secretary of Health and Human Services—winning himself a well-earned Senate confirmation just last month—vaping advocates and ANTZ alike watched wide-eyed as the Trump administration indecisively hemmed and hawed between candidates before finalizing a decision on the next appointed Commissioner of the FDA this past Friday. Last [...]

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Vape Life in the Spotlight: Czar Manufacturing

This week, I had the opportunity to discover more about the origin story of Dustin Sovern, the CEO and mastermind behind one of the most recognized and inspirational success stories in the vape industry, and of course I had to share it with all three of you guys!  From the get-go, it's incredibly apparent that Dustin's motivation [...]

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The Boys Are Back: Cole And Bishop Are At It Again

After a disappointingly unproductive close to the previous administration’s term, vapers have a glimmer of fresh hope in the form of a new piece of pro-vaping legislature to support as it passes through the valley of the shadow of death a Congress currently held by Trump and his many acolytes.First publicly announced February 16th through [...]

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FDA Backs Off: Three Steps Back

In recent days, the FDA released several draft guidances that relax the stranglehold it had on the industry. While the FDA receives public comments on these drafts, they remain officially unimplemented, but they give a valuable glimpse into how the FDA will finally provide vape shops and manufacturers with some much needed wiggle room when [...]

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Vape Life in the Spotlight: Tyra from Saigon

Out of all the trends in the e-cigarette world, the most pressing reason for supporting the vaping industry isn’t the blistering technological advancements driven by a constant commitment to creating a better product, nor is it the exceptional community that has come to lif e thanks to the tireless dedication and involvement of vapers from every walk of life. The most [...]

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