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Vapers Get Their Prayer when The Hunter Gets His Prey

As I’m very sure you’re aware, the FDA’s newly enacted “deeming regulations” are upon us.  Deeming e-cigarettes as subject to the same stringent requirements as cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarette manufacturers alike are required to submit a PMTA, an extensively expensive and time-consuming application with the projected purpose of preventing problems for the public populace from entering the marketplace [...]

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Vaping 101: RBAs

If you, like many other vapers, started on a cheap cigalike or tiny pen-style e-cigarette and have yet to switch to some of the newer types of setups, I have some unfortunate news for you: What you’ve been vaping sucks. Sorry, but it’s just one of those set-in-stone facts—granted, it’s still a subjective fact to most, but [...]

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Vaping 101: E-Liquid

E-liquid: we pick it up every few weeks (days?...hours?...OK, I’ll just grab some now), we love the amazing taste, the spot-on recreations they emulate, the big clouds they become with the press of a button—but, wait, where does this stuff even come from? What’s even in there, anyway? Great questions! Let’s dive deep into the [...]

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Vaping 101: Temperature Control

We've all been there: we set our vape down for but a minute—mentally noting that it tastes a little dry—but when we return for a quick hit after immediately tossing our mental Post-it note, it's a one-way ticket to dry hit city. If only there were some way to simply prevent such nasty mishaps and [...]

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Vaping 101: Atomizers

When you first open your starter kit or bundle of vaping hardware, all the different parts and components can seem overwhelming at first. Where does this go? What does this do? What is this even called, anyway? Don't worry, EVC is here to help! We've taken a look at two parts of your vaping setup [...]

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Lights, Camera, Call to Action! – Cole & Bishop Need YOU!

A new avenue for success has suddenly presented itself for vapers across the country, but we need YOUR help (yes, you!) before time runs out on this opportunity to reverse one of the largest roadblocks preventing the e-cigarette industry from blossoming as it would (and should)! This recently realized path to victory? The Cole-Bishop bipartisan bill [...]

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Git to da Choppa! – The Predator Is HERE

The Predator is here and dug in like an Alabama tick! If anything is true about Sinuous Designs, it's that they like to fire back and fire back hard. And when SMOK released their acclaimed Alien Kit, they knew they had to have a good comeback to such an obvious challenge. After an extended stay in [...]

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Vaping 101: Mods

When Dr. Hon Lik first drafted his initial design for the original e-cigarette, it’s hard to imagine he could have foreseen the rapid and unprecedented evolution this technology would take in as little as a single decade. From the humble beginnings of the cigalike smaller than a stick of gum to the large regulated box [...]

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The Ultimate Drip Tip Guide

If you’ve ever vaped, chances are you’ve used a drip tip. Whether it was from a sub-ohm tank, an RBA, an old clearomizer, or anything in between, a drip tip is the only thing you’ll want between you and your vape. "But what exactly does a drip tip do?" you may ask. Well, keep paying [...]

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FDA's Newest Head Honcho: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Now that Tom Price has been approved as the newest Secretary of Health and Human Services—winning himself a well-earned Senate confirmation just last month—vaping advocates and ANTZ alike watched wide-eyed as the Trump administration indecisively hemmed and hawed between candidates before finalizing a decision on the next appointed Commissioner of the FDA this past Friday. Last [...]

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