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Ultimate Vape Meme Collection

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With all the seriousness going on in the world, isn't a good, long laugh overdue? That's where EVC comes in! We want to go above and beyond taking a weight off your shoulders by offering one of the greatest selections of vape gear and e-cigarettes supplies at the best prices available! So we've taken the time to collect the very best vape- and e-cigarette–related memes on the interwebz!
The humorously relatable images and text of memes have long been a natural complement for vapers in the midst of their rich culture—I mean, it's no surprise, memes are hilarious! Easily one of the best things of come out of the late '00s—aside from vaping, of course! That's why we've compiled this giant list of knee-slappin', tear-jerkin', downright hysterical vape memes for you to enjoy!

  1. Who Says Vapers Don't Need Ashtrays?

    At least ours smell like vanilla and coffee, not ashes and poor choices...
  2. Speak For Yourself

    I brought my mod into a job interview once...
    Now look at me, living my dream job =D
  3. A Moment of Silence for our Fallen Vapes

    That cursed rebel scum...
  4. The Best Build is a Fresh Build

    There's nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly pristine build with a freshly broken-in wick drenched in your favorite juice.
  5. Still Better Than Leaving Your Cigarettes

    While I was still a smoker, I'd be late for work pretty often, all because I made a return trip home to get the pack of cigarettes I left behind!
    Now that I vape, sure, leaving my yummy vape at home is a pain, but waiting is no problem!
  6. Vapers Need Their Cotton, Too!

    "Well, what about my nail clippers?"
    "...you mean my backup wire cutters? Never even seen 'em."
  7. How Are Vape Magnets Not a Thing?

    I've had to toss entire RDAs because I lost one too many screws.
    Whoever makes a hardware store for vapes is gonna be a millionaire...
  8. The Fastest Way to Start a Fight With a Vaper

    Even the best of friends will jump at the chance to throw up hands over their cloudage...
  9. The Lie Every Vaper Tells Themselves

    And how about those mods that are like, "Ultra-customizable and upgradeable—the last mod you'll ever buy!". Like, who said I want to commit to something that long-term...
  10. At Least Give Us Time to Catch Up!

    You'd think companies would've slowed down making new products after Aug. 8th, but bless their hearts, these true vape MVPs seem to have only sped up...
  11. Even Brain Surgeons Aren't Under This Much Pressure

    I feel like I need 8 years of college, 4 years of residency, and 2 years without a right hand to prep me for the difficulties of dripping in the car.
  12. Waste Not, Want Not

    Its monetary value may only be 20¢, but its value in deliciousness is priceless!
  13. It Doesn't Take a Lie Detector to Learn That!

    Clones are like torrenting: very frowned upon, sure, but still better than being short on rent.
  14. No one's simply "done buying juice"!

    I say buy as much juice as you please, variety is the spice of life! Besides, who can know when vaper's tongue will strike?
  15. And Meteorologists Hate Me!

    I can't help it if I vape so hard, I change the weather from "partially cloudy" to "fully fogged out".
  16. Every Vaper's First Words...

    Their second words?
    "Can you show me how to fill it up?"
  17. How I Feel Walking Into A Vape Shop

    Maybe I should start giving classes...
  18. This Barber Vapes

    Some people take vape meets way too seriously...
  19. Taking A Dry Hit Like

    A good unexpected dry hit is like eating a salmon filet that has been carefully grilling on a car engine for three weeks straight. 
  20. Truth.

    They say if you want to learn something quickly, relate it with something you love. Or maybe just something you don't hate. And boy, did I hate high school.
  21. Me Literally Always

    I don't even mind—it adds tension and suspense to whatever I'm watching. Sure, now my roommates refuse to watch Stranger Things with me, but still worth it.
  22. Live to Vape Another Day

    Where most vapes are lucky to survive a fall and leave without a scratch...
  23. The Nokia of the Vape World

    ...the Vamo is lucky to leave survivors at all.
  24. A Great Way To Start A Terrible Day

    You might as well just keep a set of fresh batteries at work as your vape insurance!
  25. Electrified and Revitalized

    Fresh batteries first thing in the morning, on the other hand, make you feel ready to take on the universe.
  26. More Excited Than A Pig Going To Market

    Good vape mail is enough to make anyone go "Wheeeee!" all the way back to their front door.
  27. Ever Heard of This Life-Threatening Disorder?

    Expect to see this condition listed in future editions of the DSM.
  28. Indecisions, Indecisions...

    Do I go with Fused Claptons? Or maybe a quad parallel?
    ...eh, screw it, I bought those prebuilt coils for a reason....
  29. Who Could Resist Such Temptation?

    Oh, no...must ignore...terrible urges...oh, snap, it has a color touchscreen? Lord, forgive me for what I'm about to do...
  30. I Might Never Blow An O Again

    Just imagine how stupid it looks trying to get split O's...
  31. 2013 Was A Much Simpler Time...

    Back when 32 airholes was a good pretty start, 75W was "too high for any vaper", and cloud-chasing was only mildly mocked instead of heavily ridiculed. Ahh, can't help but miss the good ol' days...
  32. Prioritize Your Finances

    Who's looking forward to their brand new mod this Spring, compliments of the IRS?
  33. Prioritize Your Love Life

    But if she offers to hold my mod herself and drip whenever I need it, we're stopping in Jared's.
  34. Functionality Over Practicality

    Who says you can't vape your vape and eat it, too?
  35. Wait, Doesn't It?

    That would definitely explain why I haven't passed a math class since 2013...
  36. Some Vapers Just Give Us All a Bad Name

    I swear, mods are getting more and more ridiculous every week...
  37. Austin VW: Vaper of Mist-ery

    I always say a silent prayer before firing my 0.99Ω coil.
  38. Still More Trustworthy Than Stanton Glantz

    Well, this is obviously a trap. But hold my vape real quick, it'd be a waste not to check if they have any 20700s I can borrow...
  39. Someone Get This Man a Certificate in Mixology!

    And don't even get him started on creams...
  40. At Least I Get A Full Night's Sleep

    And forget marriage, I can barely get my batteries to stay together...
  41. We All Start Somewhere

    Using a mech mod one-handed may be ever so slightly uncomfortable, but it's worth it when the ladies start literally falling at your feet because you're such a badass.
  42. Some Vapers Are Smarter Than Others

    I didn't know you could just walk right over the vape hole, like it's not even there...
  43. #SELFIE

    You aren't a real vaper unless you've got your head in the clouds at all times.
  44. If It Vapes...

    Everyone looks at their first build through wonky-colored glasses.
    Except for me. My first build was almost, like, too perfect.  
  45. Why Is The Juice Always Gone?

    That's why you can never have too many flavors of juice! Mix up your favorites for deliciousness that lasts!
  46. The Ghost of Christmas Sensibility

    We need to hire this Santa in every vape shop!
  47. Because We Prefer VG!

    P.S. Dear Mainstream Media, it's PROPYLENE, not DIETHYLENE!
  48. Dream Big

    Don't let a silly thing like "social norms" or "physics" stop you from living your dreams!
  49. I Was Just Trying To Help!

    Who knew the scent of strawberries could be so offensive...
  50. VW = Cake

    What you call "VW" is just an illusion created by Evolv, who uses this to their legal advantage...
  51. The Smack Heard Around The World

    I secretly hope they break it, too, I could use a new mod on someone else's dime...
  52. Just In Time For The Holidays!

    Here to put the "No" in "Noel" and take the "magi" of "magic".
  53. Speaking Of Changing The Weather...

    And if you say a Hurricane coil...
  54. Can't Beat That Efficiency

    Vapes are pretty much just giant, glorified air fresheners.
    But notice how I didn't say "breath fresheners", though....
  55. Which Bae? Wick Bae!

    Move over, Salt Bae, there's a new master of deliciousness in town...
  56. My, How Far We've Come...

    Back in my day, we punched the wickholes in our atomizers ourselves, and we liked it that way!
  57. Who Can Even Blame Him?

    At least he has his priorities in order...
  58. Practice Makes Perfect

    The only downside? Now I can't vape without blowing O's out of habit...
  59. Go Big or Go Home

    What, only a 70mm inner diameter?
    Don't worry, it's okay if you don't even vape, bro, we'll still support you in your debilitating lameness...
  60. But It's Just Water Vapor!

    They're probably just not used to the 700+ chemicals NOT added to make burning particles of tobacco more tolerable. Pretty counterintuitive, huh?
  61. The Media's Flawless Logic

    Oh, like how you would naturally follow a slice of delicious strawberry-filled ice cream cake with a generous mouthful of dirt? That makes sense...
  62. Asking The Important Questions

    The correct answer is neither.
  63. It's Not Hoarding, Promise

    Hey, I might need those! What if I start making my own juice? Or fixing eyeglasses? You don't know!
  64. Can't Refuse This Offer To Help

    I don't like leaking, man. I'm a vaper—juice is a big expense.
  65. That's An Expensive Entry Cost

    I can barely afford to be in a serious relationship, let alone be a serious vaper...
  66. Most Indubitably, My Dear Trip!

    Putting a fitting spin on the phrase "2D personality"...
  67. All Smarts, No Sense

    No one ever said tax dollars can ever buy intelligence. And yet the FDA still tries to make common sense out of common cents...
  68. Finishing Off With A Vapin' Kitty!

    Awhh, so cutez...

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