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3D RDTA Clone by HCigar

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    3D RDTA Clone by HCigar

    The HCigar 3D (clone) is a high quality 22mm stainless steel Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer ( RDA ) that features a laser-etched logo design,  auto-dripper tank system, adjustable airflow controller ring, triple post design and it has hybrid threading for the Nemesis MOD.

    Rebuildable Atomizers are for the vaping enthusiast and will allow you to build your own coil and wicking system.

    The HCigar 3D's unique design features a 2mL tank and pump system underneath it's deck.

    With a quick press of the top cap, the pump system will allow you to drip directly to your wick from it's built-in tank.

    This feature will help to eliminate the need to constantly drip and it an ideal dripper for certain situations such as while driving.

    The HCigar 3D RBA's deck has a triple post, phillips head screw design for easy single or dual coil builds.

    You can customize your vapor production with a simple spin of the adjustable ring to allow you to open up to two airholes.

    It also features a stainless steel body with a '3D' laser-etched engraving, double o-ring top cap that can fit 'most' 510 size Drip Tips.

    TIP: For best results, we recommend to wash the entire Atomizer before use.  Also, a needle bottle is recommended for filling the 3D RDTA.


    • High quality 1:1 clone
    • Brushed stainless steel body
    • "3D" laser-etched logo
    • Rebuildable auto-dripping atomizer
    • Pump-system top cap
    • 2ml bottom tank
    • Triple post design, phillips head screw
    • Adjustable airflow controller
    • 510 threading and hybrid connection for the Nemesis MOD
    • Matching 510 drip tip included and can be used with 'most' 510 size Drip Tips
    • 22mm Diameter

    Box Contents

    • 1x HCigar 3D (clone) Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    • 1x Matching Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip
    • 2x Sample wire & wick
    • 3x Spare phillips-head screws
    • 2x Spare washers
    • 5x Spare O-Rings


    IMPORTANT NOTE: HCigar 3D Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers ( RDAs or RBAs ) are for EXPERTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners.  The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.



    1. Wicks / Coils must be tested carefully with a multimeter before use.
    2. If Wick / Coil is not properly tested it will be a risk to the user to do so.
    3. Faulty Wicks / Coils WILL kill electronic devices.
    4. New Wick / Coil units must be tested and then used on a strong basic electrical APV / MOD that has short protection.
    5. No new Wick / Coil assembly should be used on an electronic device until it is known to be safe.
    6. These items destroy electronic devices if not properly built.  This is a known issue.


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    1. 3D RDTA Clone by HCigar  star rating

      Posted by Disappointed on 4th Mar 2018

      How do I begin? I have purchased many items from HCigar, from atomizers (The Tobh), to various mechanical mods. The quality and craftsmanship has always been there, resulting in a very pleasurable vaping experience. The 3D RDTA Clone is NOT one of these products. The quality of materials is reasonable, however, the device itself is so poorly designed I am surprised it is still on the market. First, the build desk is crowded with three very rudimentary posts that I haven't seen since the inception of rebuildable atomizers ( late 2000's ). There are no wire holes on the posts, just screws on the top of each post leaving one to wrap the wire leads around the screw and tighten it down (not an easy task). Second, the distance between the center post and the negative posts is minuscule. This allows for only a very small coil to be used( perhaps 4 coil winds ), using a higher gauge wire ( 30/32 ). Third, the air intake holes are maybe 1 mm at best, resulting in a very poor draw-it almost hurts your lungs trying to do it. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the e-liquid tank. It is positioned at the bottom of the unit, with the intake hole at the bottom of the deck. What's more, the screw to open the intake hole is small and inconvenient to use. In many cases it is buried within the wicking material at the base of the deck. An additional inconvenience is the fact that the tank is completely made of metal which precludes one from determining the level of liquid in the tank or how much you need to put in. Refilling is a haphazard chore and nearly impossible if you are not using a needle tip. No chubby gorilla's welcome here! This unit should not be on the market, providing an unfair representation of HCigar products, which are normally quite good in terms of quality and manufacture. EVCigarettes should not be selling this product because to a first time purchaser like myself, this gives the impression that they sell inferior products, or worse, don't care what they sell to the vaping public. Perhaps they should consider doing away with this item to spare themselves of that distinct possibility.

    2. Works!  star rating

      Posted by Eric M. on 27th May 2014

      I used this on a 4 hour roadtrip. I did have to redrip of course at some point, but I was able to make it different stops to refill it. I had another version of the 3D(clone also) that had o-rings that were too tight. These are perfect and allow for full functionality. Thankfully!


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